Yogyakarta earthquake 2006-2007

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Volunteers distribute relief packets
after the earthquake

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Temporary school build by AMURT
in Yogyakarta
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Volunteers training in counseling traumatized students.

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AMURT has completed the majority of its rehabilitation projects following the devastating earthquake in Yogyakarta in May, 2006 that left over 400,000 homeless.

By December, 2007 AMURT had finished the construction of the last of the 3 permanent kindergartens with assistance from the child development agency Kindernothilfe, Germany. AMURT also conducted a Hygiene Awareness Training for 1600 school children in 10 elementary schools in Yogyakarta Province and conducted Temporary School Maintenance Workshops for 59 elementary schools that received temporary school buildings from AMURT and other partners of UNICEF.

Currently AMURT is conducting an English Support Program in the 3 kindergartens it constructed last year. It also recently completed a Teacherís Training Program for 25 kindergarten teachers of Gantiwarno Sub-District in Central Java Province in follow up to the construction of the permanent buildings that incorporated eco friendly bamboo elements. AMURT staff are assisting AMURT Bengkulu to implement a similar training program for kindergarten teachers whose schools were wiped out in last Septemberís earthquake in that province.

Focused on education, AMURT developed an emergency package to assist schools that were affected by the earthquake. The package consist of four elements:

  1. Construction of a temporary school using local materials
  2. Rehabilitation of toilet facilities
  3. Provision of basic teaching and learning materials
  4. Trauma healing activities for primary school children

We opened the first four temporary schools in Yogyakarta on the first day of the new school year on July 17 2007. A further 17 schools were completed by December 2007. These temporary schools serve the students who lost their school in the earthquake. In all the schools we added a healing program to alleviate the traumas the children experienced during and after the earthquake.

These temporary schools will be followed up by either renovations or complete re-construction of their original schools.

Recently UNICEF awarded AMURT a contract to construct a further 26 similar temporary  school. Our design are so popular that UNICEF is using it for another 100 temporary schools in the area.

UNICEF is so pleased with our efforts that they have requested us to build another 10-15 more schools in December and January. We are now making more assessments to identify additional needy elementary schools.

Projects completed in Yogyakarta

  • Distribution of Emergency Relief Supplies to 2083 families in 20 sub-villages Yogyakarta Province following the May 27th earthquake
  • Distribution of emergency relief supplies and temporary shelter items to 1318 families in 27 sub-villages in Ciamis District, West Java Province, following the July 17 earthquake/tsunami
  • Construction of 10 temporary primary schools with funds from KNH Germany
  • Construction of 7 temporary elementary schools with funds from UNICEF (19 more to be completed before December 1)
  • Distribution of Basic Teaching and Learning Materials to 1254 children in 10 elementary schools in Yogyakarta Province
  • Completion of a 2 month psycho-social program fro 935 children in 8 schools of Yogyakarta province.
  • Provision of Materials for Recovery of Destroyed small restaurant of Childrenís Home; Offering training in cooking and screen printing to 17 children of the Home
  • Classes in cooking, traditional dance, creative art and private tutoring for 90 children in two schools for children with disabilities.