Padang Earthquake Response 2009

An earthquake and subsequent aftershocks near the city of Padang in Indonesia left 1,000 confirmed dead and several thousands missing. Half a million people were left homeless and the city’s infrastructure severely damaged. 83,712 houses, 200 public buildings and 285 schools were destroyed and another 100,000 buildings severely damaged. As an immediate response AMURT & AMURTEL provided tents and food to people affected by this disaster. In partnership with local communities and international agencies we are building a comprehensive program for vulnerable women and children.
damage  Children in the Better World program practice long exercise routines 
Damage in Padang was wide spread Children excersizing in education program 

AMURT & AMURTEL sent an emergency response team to Padang, Indonesia immediately after the earthquake in West Sumatra on 30 September 2009.  After the initial emergency response period,  AMURTEL identified a need for Early Childhood Development (ECD). Those children most vulnerable after a disaster of this magnitude need the structure, safety, and  support  an Early Childhood Program (ECD) can provide. The Indonesian government was unable to include this important sector in its reconstruction budget and plans, so Amurtel chose this as our long term focus.

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Bengkulu Earthquake 2007

Following a series of strong earthquakes in the Bengkulu region of South Sumatera, Indonesia, AMURTEL send an assessment team to the region in September 2007. Unlike in Aceh in the aftermath of the Dec 2004 earthquake and tsunami, no foreign NGOs and only a few local NGOs were there to help the victims of the disaster.

The AMURTEL team decided to concentrate on Desa Lubuk Lesung where 28 houses had been damaged because there were many poor people there who needed help. The villagers had already received food relief, so they decided to focus on building materials help and trauma counseling.

Widow in front of her earthquake damaged house Multi media add to a trauma counseling training for teachers

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Yogyakarta Earthquake 2006-2007

AMURT recently signed a contract with UNICEF to build 26 temporary primary schools in Yogyakarta following last May's devastating earthquake. AMURT had prepared the design and specifications for  for this project which includes 4 other NGO’s who between them are building 100 temporary schools.

AMURT and AMURTEL volunteers had been active in serving the survivors of the strong earthquake that killed 6,000 and left 200,000 homeless near Jogyakarta in May 2006. Our distributions have been mostly in the hardest hit Bantul district. So far 3,400  families have received relief packets with either food, hygiene kits, cooking utensils or tarpaulins as temporary shelters for those who lost their houses.

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Volunteers distribute relief packets
after the earthquake
Temporary school build by AMURT
in Yogyakarta

Focus on education
We opened four temporary schools in Yogyakarta on the first day of the new school year on July 17. These school serve the students who lost their school in the earthquake. In all the schools we added a healing program to alleviate the traumas the children experienced during and after the earthquake. These temporary schools will be followed up by either renovations or complete re-construction of their original schools.
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 Tsunami relief and re-construction in Aceh 2005-2007

In the immediate aftermath of one the world's largest humanitarian disasters, AMURT focused on providing emergency supplies to the survivors. AMURTEL, our women's wing, provided counseling to those who had lost beloved family members, their homes, their livelihoods, everything. In the second phase of rehabilitation, AMURT worked with survivors to rebuild the local economy, starting with the rehabilitation of the brick factories in Neuheun. AMURTEL supported livelihood programs for women tailors, who lost their equipment in the tsunami. In Meulaboh, AMURT created the first organic farming project in Aceh.
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The Jantho complex AMURT is building with
its ten buildings will accommodate
100 handicapped children
The Windows to the  World program
provide high school students with
computer and internet access

From 2006 to 2007 AMURT has accomplished some large and much needed developmental projects. The focus was on education, and in particularly orphans, building schools and hostels. A computer literacy program for high school students and rehabilitating farms were other programs where we invested in the Acehnese potential beyond aid.

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Jakarta floods 2007

Residents take refuge on top of a
car in downtown Jakarta.
AMURT & AMURTEL Volunteers transport
relief goods by rubber dingy.

More than half of Jakarta got severally flooded a week after torrential rains battered the city in January 2007. More than 300.000 people were left homeless. AMURT and AMURTEL volunteers distributed relief goods to more that 5,000 homeless people sheltering in various facilities and centers around the city.

Pangandaran Earthquake/Tsunami 2006

Following the 6.8 level earthquake and the ensuing 3 meter high tsunami that struck western Java on July 17th, AMURT and AMURTEL sent a team on July 20th to provide emergency relief. 618 people died and over 50,000 people are homeless. So far we distributed relief packets to 437 families (1447 people) in Legok and Batu Malang villages of Ciamis District. Our relief packets consists of clothing, food, toiletries and medicine.